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Listen to the Not Televised Radio Show the first and third Sunday of every month 5:00pm - 6:00pm CST on DFWiRadio  (Click here to listen)
Not Televised's mission is to be your premier public information campaign. Don't be alarmed. We don't mean it in the standard definition way, which is: sponsored efforts (i.e. government sponsored, corporate sponsored, or special interest group sponsored) to communicate to large numbers of citizens in order to achieve a policy result - we commonly call this type of public information campaign by its other name: propaganda. What we are saying when we say we aim to be your premier public information campaign is the alternative purpose: we endeavor to advance citizens' knowledge of policies and issues, with the goal of producing an empowered and informed population. Avenues we use for informing and empowering the public include internet radio, literature, community advocacy, and hot links.

You will experience news and information from perspectives you won't find in mainstream media on our web site. We strive to uncover deceit and outright lies while covering social and political fronts in an intelligent manner. We use our avenues effectively to disseminate the information that we uncover:
  • Internet Radio: The NOT TELEVISED radio show titillates you with a talk format that is coordinated with music to accentuate the subject under discussion. It’s commentary through music!
  • Literature: Our original and published contributors stimulate your brain with writings that are relevant, current, controversial, riveting, inspiring, educational, etc…
  • Community advocacy: Our community advocates will keep you posted on where and where not to shop, eat, patronize and who and who not to hang out with, and support. They will inquire about any policy question or complaint about any agency, organization or corporation that you bring to us. By the way, the NOT TELEVISED community is city-wide, state-wide, country-wide and world-wide.
  • “Hot Links” – Stop salivating! These are not the tasty, spicy sausage links, but instead are links to other inviting pages and blogs. However, they do add a little spice to our already full-filling smorgasbord of content.

We steadfastly hold true to our mission because an empowered and informed population is the genetic mapping for a well balanced and prosperous society.

Disclaimer - although we aim for intelligence, we do recognize, understand, and appreciate a little touch of ignorance. After all, halance is necessary.

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